Custom Cabinets – What Makes A Good Custom Cabinet?

Custom Cabinets – What Makes A Good Custom Cabinet Video Transcript:

I’m coming to you from my cabinet maker shop here in South Austin, we’re at Honea wood works, and I want to tell you some things today that will help you in discerning what’s an average cabinet and was an extraordinary cabinet.

First let’s talk about case work. If you look at this display back here, the case work is really the meat or the structure of the cabinet. We really want to look for a veneer core plywood for that case.

Have you ever seen a cabinet that blew up because of a water leak. That was not a veneer core cabinet.

That was probably a Melamine or particle board cabinet and I’m not a fan of those.

We want to try to avoid those.

The next thing that I think separates a really well built cabinet is the drawer construction.

I use mostly plywood drawers with a lock shoulder.

But another great option is to go to a hardwood drawer with dovetails like this one right here.

You want to try to avoid butt joints and Melamine drawers.

The next thing on my list is hardware.

This basic hardware right here, this is an Accuride side mount ball bearing slide and they still work great.

This is a really good baseline for me.

A nice upgrade however, and one that I use on most of my houses, is this right here.

This is an under-mount drawer slide to get a little bit wider box. It also has a soft close feature, so those drawers don’t slam shut.

The next thing I want to talk about is install.

This is one that really separates my houses from some of my competitors.

This cabinet right here, well-crafted, but installed pretty traditionally.

If you look at where the cabinet meets the floor we’ve got a shoe mold.

To hide that joint and where the cabinet hits a wall, we’ve got another molding there. This is often called a scribe mold or screen mold. So this cabinet, when it’s put in place, needs something to hide those joints.

What if you didn’t want those moldings. The way to do that is to build the cabinet box a little bit bigger, especially where it hits the wall, and then use a compass and scribe that cabinet to the wall so that that cabinet actually fits like a hand in glove just perfectly in place. When you do that, you don’t need any additional moldings.

The same goes with the end panel on this cabinet. It’s been made a little bit long, and then the cabinet installer when he’s on-site, will scribe it to the floor so that we’ve got a perfect fit.

Your architect is really gonna like that option.

And the last thing, I want to talk about is shop finishes.

I’m a big fan of getting these cabinets finished at the cabinet maker shop and delivered to my site totally done.

In the years past, when I’ve used the painter to paint cabinets, we’ve got a good finish, but we didn’t get a fantastic finish, and it just doesn’t hold up long-term.

So check out a cabinet shop that can pre-finish those cabinets for you, protect them really well once they get installed, and then you’re gonna have really a top of the line, extraordinary cabinet.


Custom Cabinets – Are They Right For Your Home?

custom kitchen cabinets made of oak

The kitchen tells so much about the family who owns it. And there is no wonder why homeowners consider kitchen remodeling a practical thing to do. Either you want to put up your home on a sale or just want to maximize your kitchen’s functionality; you can achieve your kitchen’s most beautiful look by taking advantage of custom cabinets. Cabinet makers in Charlotte design cabinets the way you best desire when you want them custom made. From the kind of wood to use, the finishes, the colour, all the way to the shape, your personal style and taste will be the basis. Make your kitchen durable, functional and pleasing to the eye by customizing your cabinets.

Custom Cabinet Aesthetics and Function

How your kitchen looks will definitely be an indicator of a customer’s likelihood to buy your home. Old and dilapidated cabinets are a big no-no if you are putting up your house on a sale. Having them remodelled or installing new customized ones will not only make customers buy your house, it increases your home’s value too. Though may be a bit pricy compared to standard cabinets, customized ones, apart from giving you the aesthetics, also provide you with maximized functionality since they enable you to maximize your storage space.

Custom Cabinetry Increases Your Home’s Value

Customizing your cabinets also enables you to properly take care of your kitchen equipment. Have cabinets constructed for your large mixers, have cabinets constructed for your microwave ovens. Have your kitchen island designed in such a way where you can have your cookbooks readily available whenever needed. Have your sinks and stovetops situated perfectly according to how you want to work in the kitchen. Depending on your budget, cabinet makers can do all the custom construction for you.

If increasing the value of your home is also one of your concerns, then there already is a reason for you to have your kitchen cabinets customized. Improving the appearance of your home is a way to increase its market value. It pays to have the aesthetics of a perfect kitchen. If you opt to stick with the type of interior design incorporated in the rest of your house then that is not a problem. From the sleek modern looks to the traditional cabinetry, cabinet makers can process, construct and finish the wood types that will suit the design needs of your kitchen.

Custom Cabinets Save More Money

Apart from the fact that customizing your cabinets increases your home’s market value, it also offers you a great opportunity to save. Standard cabinets may cost you a little less and in the outset it might seem like a good idea. But if you really think about it, come the long run, customizing your cabinets actually costs you less. Custom cabinets wear well and endure the test of time so you do not have to worry about redoing everything all over again. Starting off with high-end cabinetry will free you from getting these worries in the future.

Choosing custom-made kitchen cabinets is much preferable than ready-made ones; you can save more and let your creativity show on your cabinet designs at the same time.

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Why Choose Custom Entertainment Center Cabinets?

Cabinets for entertainment center

Why Choose Custom Entertainment Center Cabinets for your Charlotte home?

Life may be moving fast nowadays and people move around most of the time, but a beautiful home is still top priority of most of us. The most important aspects of interior design that affect the over-all appearance of a house are the furniture and fixtures. Usually, however, the focus of attention is on the organization of the things that are actually present in the house.

The word cabinet usually makes a person hearing it think of the kitchen, containing the canned and boxed goods, or the bedroom. Of course, in these parts of the house the presence of a decent cabinetry is a necessity. However, the availability of unique cabinets with their varying designs and functions allow them to be used in other areas of your home as well. In these different areas of your home, custom cabinets can be used.

Charlotte NC custom cabinets are easy to find and assemble so you can easily find the best that will fit your lifestyle. One type of custom cabinets is the custom entertainment center cabinets. Such cabinets, with their intrinsic relationship with home entertainment and media, are attractive as they save space for home entertainment system. Custom cabinets, including custom entertainment center cabinets are made of real wood and thus, the quality of such furniture are guaranteed. With entertainment center cabinetry, the elegance of the home is increased by a notch – with the combination of organization of your things and even entertainment center and functionality.

The design of the cabinet can also be customized to fit not only your taste but also the design of your entertainment center – whether you like it to have a modern or traditional look. This will give the interior of your house a unique touch: compact entertainment center on a beautifully-crafted cabinetry that is surely above public standards. The design are also sure to exhibit a unique and elegant design as custom cabinets are carefully crafted with precision making them one of the, if not, the top quality furniture available for your own unique needs and wants.

Being made of real wood, you are assured that custom cabinets stand the test of time: they are durable, strong and not easily degraded, unlike its cheaper counterparts that, although they allow functionality, are easily worn out. Lastly, the fact that custom cabinets are custom brings forth a new experience, especially if you want to set up a home entertainment center. You decide everything. From the type of wood, the minute details in the design, the specifications – all are according to your needs and wants.

So why get a custom entertainment center cabinet? Simple. If you want to have an entertainment center at home that does not take up most of your space, but you do not want to buy costly cabinet that are out of style, then the only way to go is by creating one cabinet that matches your tastes. Place the monitor at the center with the players on the side or at the bottom – it’s all up to you!

With the availability of customizable cabinetry, new interior designs will start to emerge. Cabinets are no longer for kitchens and bedrooms only. Personalized, beautiful and durable – this can be your own custom entertainment cabinet!


Are Custom Bathroom Cabinets Right For Your Home?

Custom Bathroom Cabinetry

What to Look for in Custom Bathroom Cabinets in Charlotte, NC

As important as the kitchen is the home’s bathroom. Once a house is put up on sale, potential buyers usually look into the bathroom and make the decision. Although bathrooms are not the sole basis, it plays a big part in the decision of the buyer. Custom bathroom cabinets are what you have to get installed if you are opting for a bathroom remodel. Make your bathrooms look more luxurious and beautiful by making it look like a home spa through the use of added fixtures and appointments such as custom bathroom cabinets. Designing and decorating your bathroom into the relaxing haven that you want it to be is never a bad decision.

Vanities and Bathroom Cabinets

Say you want to make you bathroom floor appear larger, then go for a pedestal sink and match it with a wall-mounted cabinetry to maximize both aesthetics and functionality. Where to put the vanity and custom bathroom cabinets is your personal choice, you have the freedom deciding about it.

Many vanity and bathroom cabinets are available for you at the moment. But you must take note of some of the important factors to consider in choosing the design of your cabinetry. Consider the size and general appearance of your bathroom first before deciding whether to go for a more traditional look, a more contemporary one or even something in the middle.

Cabinetry Designs Available for You

Do you find beauty in simplicity? Or do you prefer details and intricacies. Name it; the design type is available for you. Choose between the range of simple and ornate. Or you can actually opt to make a statement by choosing to work with wood. If it’s the warmth and freshness of nature’s ambiance that you want your bathroom to have, then choose wood for its natural tones will satisfy you. And luckily, wood compliments any kind of bathroom design.

Do you want your bathroom to look black and sleek or would you rather want it pure and white? You can choose from the two or you can even pick a neon colour you desire and have your bathroom look like sweet candy. The right cabinetry and the right design are easy to find, it all depends on your taste.

Bathroom Functionality

If bathroom storage space problems continuously give you headaches then it is high time for you to have a bathroom remodel. Having your cabinets customized does not only cater to the design needs your bathroom requires, it also ends your storage space problems.  Having a traditional vanity installed allows you to maximize the surface area around the sink. A traditional vanity also provides you with flexible storage space. On the other hand, if you want space for your toiletries and some decorative items, or even some storage space, have a long counter installed as well. Have your medicine cabinet jive with the atmosphere of the entire bathroom by having some matching wood trims on it. Also, if the combination of storage, organization and visible display is what you want, then you can opt for open shelving with glass doors. Moreover, you might want to consider installing a wall-mounted cabinet for a small TV or sound system if your bathroom has a whirlpool or soaking tub in it.


Why Choose Custom Cabinets For Your Home?

Cabinets from Laminate Board

Why Choose Custom Kitchen Cabinets for your N.C. Home?

For most people living in the cities, custom kitchen cabinets are considered a luxury item. This is why a number of cabinetry companies and home centers have put up semi-custom cabinet work. This where they adjust or alter or tweak the manufacturer stock in order to accommodate the customers wants and tastes. Tweaking and re-assembling manufacturer stocks are these centers’ way to cater to the desired variations the customer has for their kitchens. On the other hand, custom cabinets offer so many options. The following paragraphs will explain the added benefits of going for fully customized cabinets.

Maximizing Kitchen Functionality

Kitchen cabinets make up a very integral part of the home kitchen. This is why planning them and choosing the right design for them equate to kitchen remodeling. Any state is among the cities equipped with a number of experts who can guide people through the decision making process regarding the right cabinets for the most-used room in one’s home – the kitchen. Experts, the best ones especially, deem space planning the most critical step in the process. Space planning makes your kitchen more efficient as it takes into consideration the pieces of kitchen equipment you own. Say, spaces will be provided for the refrigerator, the sink, the stove tops, and others. Fully customized kitchen cabinets are designed in the most optimum way – they are meant to let you maximize your kitchen space and let you do the kitchen work in a more efficient way. Companies deem the combination of precision in construction and pleasing aesthetics the key to satisfying their clients.

Custom Kitchen Cabinets: Never Out of Reach

Difficult and daunting as it may seem because of the many factors and variables to be taken into consideration, customizing your cabinets will remain as simple as it can be as long as you have an expert to guide you through the process. Picking out an expert out of the pool of experienced designers is among the first steps you must be able to ace. Customizing your cabinets may seem very expensive in any state but an expert will make sure the project expenses fall within the range of budget you are willing to shell out. Comparing the brands, styles, texture, finishes, colors, especially the prices will be easier once you have an expert in custom cabinets with you. Craftsmen with experience are also equipped with computerized designs which will help you visualize the different kitchen layouts available for you.

Have well-constructed, stylish and high quality kitchen cabinets by getting help from experts. In any state, the value of your home is of utmost priority. Be it traditional, contemporary, and rustic or any other design, custom cabinets will help you achieve the kitchen vibe you are going for.  Consult the experts now and do not settle for just a typical look for your kitchen – give it the state-of-the-art element instead. And keep in mind that customizing your kitchen is not just all about beautifying your kitchen space, it’s also about functionality and added value.


How To Save Money On Custom Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinetry for less money

How to Save Costs on Your Custom Cabinets in North Carolina

Good things are never free, best things are never cheap. This may be true for custom cabinets as they could be the best things installed in your kitchens but they are quite expensive compared to standard kitchen cabinets. There are a number of factors that would explain why custom cabinets are relatively more expensive. One would be the materials to be used in the construction of the cabinets. Another is the fact that you have to get hold of expert, reliable and experienced contractors and carpenters who will guide you all the way from the planning to installation stage given the time constraint. But this does not mean that homeowners with a limited budget cannot have their customized cabinets installed. This only amplifies that one really needs to be smart enough in making the right decisions regarding custom cabinets.

Use Old Cabinets

Working on your old cabinets will help you cut down the cost in remodeling your kitchen. Tweak the appearances of your old cabinets by adding new parts to it. Know what you want and execute it. Say you want to make your kitchen look elegant you can try adding crown moldings around the cabinet door’s frame. Add designed moldings on top of your cabinets, reshape them, and repaint them, viola, you have your old cabinets customized! You are the source of the myriad ways to customize your cabinets so it pays to get creative.

Choose Materials Carefully

Choosing the cheap materials is another key to cutting the cost of customizing your kitchen cabinets. But choosing the least costly materials does not necessarily mean that you are going for poor quality. Among the examples of cheap yet high quality materials are bamboo and hickory. They may not cost that much but they sure possess that factor of elegance that will make your kitchen look more pleasing. The aesthetics of your kitchen, somehow, depends largely on the materials used on your cabinets. And this is why canvassing for materials and all available wood types is very important and integral to the process. It pays, especially to those who are working on a tight budget, to know your materials first hand as it gives you the assurance that you are getting the most out of what you pay. Many may argue that going for cheap materials will only cost you more in the long run but that may not be true for as long as you know the kind of wood you are shopping for. Many articles in the internet have been dedicated to discuss the problem of wood quality and price and reading them may help you make a good choice.

You can also actually pick up some pressed wood or particle boards and use them as your cabinets. Having them painted by your carpenters will surely make these seemingly worthless materials that expensive look you want your kitchen to possess.  Thinking out if the box and getting very resourceful will help you make good decisions in the process of customizing your cabinets. Reading about it before execution also does one a big favor.


Choosing the best wood for your cabinets…

Wood Grain for your Cabinet

Best Wood Choice in Custom Cabinetry

Tired of your drab-looking kitchen? Do your out-of-style cabinets give you and your visitors eyesores? If yes, then it’s about high time you take it upon yourself to solve the problem. With the help of a set of stylish and elegant looking kitchen cabinets, you can turn your old and worn out kitchen into a new relaxing and well-functioning one. One of the key secrets to a kitchen’s look is the wood type used in your cabinets. It pays to know the top five of the popular woods used in custom cabinet makers.  After learning about maple, cherry, birch, alder and pine, then you are just a step away from choosing the right wood type for your own kitchen.

Going for Streaks and Lines? Go For Birch Wood

If you are going for a light sheen with distinctive decorative markings, then birch is the right wood type for you. Birch comes in pale yellow to brown, with slight red undertone. Birch has turned into one of the most sought-after wood type in places like Any state because of its naturally engraved knots, streaks, ripples and lines. Not only does birch work for kitchen cabinets, it also is often the wood type for bathroom cabinetry.

Looking for Cheap Wood? Go for Alder Wood

Alder wood cabinets give your kitchen that country atmosphere, it offers you that rustic feeling you ever desire. Alder wood takes stains readily because of its fine grains. It is a mid-priced wood with high quality. It offers the same aesthetics as cherry, but is less expensive.

Want Neon-Colour Cabinets? Go for Pine Wood

Pine offers the highest number of options on how to customize your kitchen cabinets. This is because with the help of toners, pigments and stains on pine, you can achieve a vast expanse of colour choices. Pine is very popular softwood used all over the states.

Want a High-End Look? Go for Cherry Wood

Cherry wood comes in colours that range from reds to browns. Cherry gives your kitchen that warm and inviting feel. The wood type has highly visible straight graining, giving the cabinets a natural-looking design. Cherry is the excellent choice if a high-end look is what you are going for.

Versatility? Go for Maple Wood

Maple is a hardwood that is generally used in crafting guitars and in making other wooden music al instruments. The natural maple wood colour is ranging from soft yellow to deep brown. It offers very distinctive graining pattern. This type of wood is very versatile as it offers looks that range from the traditional to the modern sleek style. The wood type’s versatility gives the customer a myriad ways in customizing their cabinets.

For other queries about the wood types and the effect they can give your kitchen cabinetry and general atmosphere, you can contact the cabinet maker of your choice. Just remember to choose the right cabinet maker based on the quality they deliver, their customer service support and of course, how reasonable their prices are.

Do not let your kitchen look drab and old and out of style forever. It’s about time you turn your kitchen cabinets from eyesores to eye candies.