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Choosing the best wood for your cabinets…

Wood Grain for your Cabinet

Best Wood Choice in Custom Cabinetry

Tired of your drab-looking kitchen? Do your out-of-style cabinets give you and your visitors eyesores? If yes, then it’s about high time you take it upon yourself to solve the problem. With the help of a set of stylish and elegant looking kitchen cabinets, you can turn your old and worn out kitchen into a new relaxing and well-functioning one. One of the key secrets to a kitchen’s look is the wood type used in your cabinets. It pays to know the top five of the popular woods used in custom cabinet makers.  After learning about maple, cherry, birch, alder and pine, then you are just a step away from choosing the right wood type for your own kitchen.

Going for Streaks and Lines? Go For Birch Wood

If you are going for a light sheen with distinctive decorative markings, then birch is the right wood type for you. Birch comes in pale yellow to brown, with slight red undertone. Birch has turned into one of the most sought-after wood type in places like Any state because of its naturally engraved knots, streaks, ripples and lines. Not only does birch work for kitchen cabinets, it also is often the wood type for bathroom cabinetry.

Looking for Cheap Wood? Go for Alder Wood

Alder wood cabinets give your kitchen that country atmosphere, it offers you that rustic feeling you ever desire. Alder wood takes stains readily because of its fine grains. It is a mid-priced wood with high quality. It offers the same aesthetics as cherry, but is less expensive.

Want Neon-Colour Cabinets? Go for Pine Wood

Pine offers the highest number of options on how to customize your kitchen cabinets. This is because with the help of toners, pigments and stains on pine, you can achieve a vast expanse of colour choices. Pine is very popular softwood used all over the states.

Want a High-End Look? Go for Cherry Wood

Cherry wood comes in colours that range from reds to browns. Cherry gives your kitchen that warm and inviting feel. The wood type has highly visible straight graining, giving the cabinets a natural-looking design. Cherry is the excellent choice if a high-end look is what you are going for.

Versatility? Go for Maple Wood

Maple is a hardwood that is generally used in crafting guitars and in making other wooden music al instruments. The natural maple wood colour is ranging from soft yellow to deep brown. It offers very distinctive graining pattern. This type of wood is very versatile as it offers looks that range from the traditional to the modern sleek style. The wood type’s versatility gives the customer a myriad ways in customizing their cabinets.

For other queries about the wood types and the effect they can give your kitchen cabinetry and general atmosphere, you can contact the cabinet maker of your choice. Just remember to choose the right cabinet maker based on the quality they deliver, their customer service support and of course, how reasonable their prices are.

Do not let your kitchen look drab and old and out of style forever. It’s about time you turn your kitchen cabinets from eyesores to eye candies.

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